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Which Type of Driveway is Right for You and Your Home?

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

It might not be what you picture when thinking about your home, but your driveway is usually one of the first things visitors see when they arrive. No matter how beautiful you’ve made your house and yard, an old driveway covered in oil spots will leave you cringing every time you pull in. On the contrary, a well-built driveway that matches the style of your home will do wonders for your property. But what options do you have, and how do you decide which type of driveway is right for you?

Here are a few types of driveways available for you to choose from. And with the help of an experienced Los Angeles contractor, who can help you decide which one fits both the look of your home and your budget, you will soon find yourself smiling as you pull into your brand new driveway.

Asphalt/Blacktop Driveway

If budget is your main concern, going with an asphalt driveway might be your best option. Materials costs are cheaper with asphalt than with any other driveway surface, and on certain homes the plain blacktop matches well (especially if that’s the color of your street out front). However, you must note that unlike most other types of driveways, asphalt must be resealed every couple of years, which will add to the overall cost. But if you want a no-frills driveway that does the job, asphalt might be your best bet.

Poured Concrete Driveway

Probably the most common driveway available today, concrete (or cement) is extremely durable and does not require a lot of maintenance. Because of this fact, while it is a bit more costly up front than an asphalt driveway, it will cost you a lot less down the line. Though still somewhat plain, many people find the lighter color and surface of a standard poured concrete driveway more attractive to look at than a blacktop driveway.

If you want something more decorative, another option you have with a concrete driveway is to use stamped concrete. This will add to the cost, but will provide you with a modern pattern that can be styled in many different ways to meet your needs. These stamped concrete driveways can also be colored to better match the look and feel of your home.


In recent years, pavers have gained a ton of popularity as the most beautiful driveway option. Available in a variety of materials such as natural stones, brick, and concrete, pavers can be laid out to create amazing patterns that truly add to the look of your home more than any other driveway could. You can even combine multiple types, shapes, and colors of pavers to create an infinite amount of style options for your driveway. The one drawback to creating a paver driveway is the cost, which is higher than that of concrete or asphalt driveways. But once your Los Angeles home remodeler gets done laying your paver driveway, you will see that it has all been worth it.

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Also, you can visit Google ‘Images,’ type in Driveways and you will be amazed at the number of pictures that will appear. For a more refined search, type in Asphalt Driveways, Concrete Driveways, or Paver Driveways.

Windows and Doors: Aluminum vs. Wood vs. Vinyl

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

When it comes to replacing your home’s windows and doors, there are many factors that will go into your final decision. You will consider things like style, shape, color, and which Los Angeles home remodeler you want to install them for you. But there is one other factor that is extremely important when choosing which windows and doors to install in your home. This factor is which type of framing material you want these coverings to be made out of. There are three main options for you to choose from.

Aluminum Windows and Doors

Of your three main options for window and door framing, aluminum is definitely the strongest and most durable. These windows and doors are long-lasting and highly resistant to corrosion, warping, and high temperatures, which is why they are a very popular choice in both home and commercial situations. The added strength allows for a much higher glass-to-frame ratio in windows, while also providing you with the largest choice of shapes and sizes. Additionally, aluminum frames come in a few different color choices, which allows you to easily match your windows to your home. And as an added bonus, aluminum frames are very energy efficient, which will save you on your electric bill! 

Wood Windows and Doors

If you are looking to retain your home’s natural beauty, wood windows and doors are an option that you should seriously consider. Available in many styles, color shades, and types (such as maple, oak, and mahogany), wood gives you a unique, traditional look and feel that no other material offers. Wood is also a very good natural insulator, which will help you keep your cooling bills down. And on top of all that, wood is the most “green friendly” material that you could choose for your windows and doors. Really, the only downside to going with wood windows and doors is that they tend to be more expensive than other materials both in up-front cost and maintenance. But as far as look and performance is concerned, the cost is clearly worth the result if it is within your budget.

Vinyl Windows and Doors

As the most popular choice of materials for windows and doors, vinyl offers a ton of advantages that you won’t see anywhere else. While it costs a bit more than aluminum, vinyl makes up for it in other ways. For starters, vinyl is the best product available for keeping your house cool and your electric bills low. It also happens to be the window and door material that requires the least amount of maintenance, saving you money in the long run. Vinyl clearly is the industry standard for windows and doors, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is too plain for your home. Because for a little extra cost, vinyl can be made in many colors and finishes to fit the exact look and style you want.

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Also, you can visit Google ‘Images,’ type in the Windows and you be amazed at the number of pictures that will appear.  For a more refined search, type in Aluminum Windows, Wood Windows, or Vinyl Windows.