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5 Summer Home Maintenance Projects

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

We’re all aware of the intense maintenance spring cleaning demands, but summer is also the perfect season to maintain your home and your property – especially since the season can also bring scorching temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rains that can take a major toll on your house. So while you have some time during these lazy days of summer, I should like to recommend making it a priority to get these five projects done to make sure your house is in good shape not only for these hotter months, but for the upcoming fall season as well.

Project 1: Maintain Your Bathroom

As a contractor for well over two decades, it’s no surprise to me that bathrooms are notorious for getting grungy, which is why you need to make sure that you give it some TLC this summer. Plumbing can get pricey, so checking your drain pipes and keeping them clear and clean regularly is crucial if you want to avoid serious damages in the future. Clean your sink and shower drain pipes with baking soda and vinegar every so often to prevent build up and odor, and check under the sink for any leaks regularly.

With countless remodeling and renovation projects under my belt, I can’t stress enough how great opting for newer, more innovative appliances and systems can help with the long term efficiency of a home while saving money as well. For instance, if you want to save costs and upgrade for the long term, then consider having a professional plumber install a tankless water heater for water usage in all areas of the home. These water heaters can significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to source hot water and cut your costs by almost 40%.

Project 2: Clean Your Patio and Surrounding Areas, Often

Though you may have already done this once this summer, that’s not enough. Whether it’s the 4th of July, Labor Day, or just a group of friends and family getting together, you want to make sure you’re patio area is able to hold up to the wear and tear from weather and usage all year round for decades to come. Depending on the materials and surrounding area you’re working with, I advise being cautious when treating your patio space and the types of cleaners and tools you use because not every patio is built the same. Often times, taking a power washer to your patio once or twice a month along with regular sweeping of the area to prevent buildup of dirt and debris can help with preventative care and can help reduce the chance of having to resort to chemical treatments or intense scrubbing in the long run. Just be sure that it won’t lead to rusting or degeneration of any wooden decking, stained concrete, outdoor tile, or stone pathways with surrounding greenery.

Project 3: Get Your Roof Inspected

This is one that you’ll be tempted to not want to think about because the whole process seems so daunting, but don’t fret; I’ve seen it time and time again and a yearly roof inspection helps prevent much larger problems from occurring down the road. According to, your roof is going to be at its best for the first few years after it’s installed, and then it starts to deteriorate more quickly during the last quarter of its life, depending on what materials were used. One of the obvious problems to avoid is leaking water, which can cause extensive damage to attic and ceilings, but a damaged roof can also be hazardous if it starts deteriorating and collapsing. If you’re squeamish with heights or it’s already worn down to an unsafe level, professionals like myself have the tools and experience to handle the situation and can give you everything about roofing you’d ever need to know if you needed a full or even partial repair.

Project 4: Clean Out Your Rain Gutters

If you’re on the roof anyway, you might as well tackle those clogged rain gutters! Make sure to clean your gutters of any debris such as leaves, sticks, or animal nests that may have accumulated there during the fall and winter. Summer can bring heavy rains for some areas and you want your house to be prepared for all of that extra water that’s going to need somewhere to go. Not just that, but it’s very well-known that severe buildup of dried debris in gutters is just begging to evolve into a serious fire hazard. Keep those gutters clean and check them at least once every season, more frequently if you have trees or tall plants nearby.

Project 5: Trim Your Trees

Maintaining your home this summer also encompasses maintaining your property. Make sure to get your trees trimmed this summer so that heavy rains and wind don’t knock any branches off and into your house. While this is most important to do for trees close to your home, now is a good time to trim all the trees on your property to avoid clean-up after the rains roll through.

I like to keep in mind that maintaining a home properly and keeping it in the best condition requires attention not just in the spring time, but all year round. So taking time each month to do a little around the house and taking care of these bigger to-do projects once every season will keep your home running smoothly and help prevent having to fork up larger costs for repairs in the future. So after you conquer these projects on your checklist, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the summer stress-free.

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