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4 Quick Tips on Preparing a House For Sale

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Super Clean: Make your home shine from top to bottom.  And don’t forget about cleaning the carpets, draperies, and windows.

Clear the Clutter: Remove unnecessary items from counter tops, bathtubs, and shower stalls – areas that often attract the most clutter.  Keep only the necessities.  A de-cluttered home helps buyers mentally ‘move-in’ with their own things.  You may even need to rearrange or remove some furniture.  Pieces that crowd a space can make it look smaller than it really is.

Prep your Landscaping: Check gutters and roof for dry rot and moss, and ensure they are clean.  Examine all plants;  Prune bushes and trees, make sure no plants are blocking windows, remove any dead plants, and keep the lawn freshly mowed.

Add nice touches:  Coordinate towels in the bathroom in one or two colors only.  Keep accessories restricted to groups of one, three, or five items.  Make sure all lights and lamps are in working order for showings and to set an inviting mood.

All these tips are relatively inexpensive, but you may need to spend some money on other things to make your home more attractive and to create a ‘top-dollar market’ for your home.

Painting: It is absolutely amazing what a couple of gallons of paint can do to a place to change the look of a home.   And it doesn’t have to be fancy colors – in fact, the more neutral colors sell better.   The bold color that you just love will more than likely turn off half of the prospective buyers.   You can either paint yourself on the weekends (if so inclined) or hire a professional painter;  either way the money you spend will come back to you plus generate more traffic.

Carpets: If your carpet is beyond cleaning and just plain worn out, replace it.  Use an inexpensive neutral colored carpet with a good pad (don’t be cheap on the padding – it makes all the difference in the world on the ‘feel’ of the carpet).   Trust me, you will see your money returned.

Hardwood Floors: If you can see the actual wood on the flooring;  i.e., the polyurethane is completely worn off, refinish them.  And if they are beyond refinishing, you can put inexpensive carpet over them (see above).   Here again, you will get your money back.

Kitchens and bathrooms: Try to make these as clean and uncluttered as possible.   If they are just plain worn out, I would seriously consider ‘taking a hit’ on the pricing of the house.  In today’s market, you may get ‘dollar for dollar’ on such a renovation, but I would not count on it.   Plus you have to put the money out up front (kitchens and baths do not come cheap), have your household completely disrupted, and then discover when you do sell your home, the new buyers will just hate what you have done.   It’s really not worth it , in my humble opinion.