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Mold in the Home

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Molds are microscopic organisms that help to stimulate the recycling nutrients and dead materials in animal and plant matters. They are found everywhere producing spores that is spread by insects, water and air. For molds to grow and multiply they need the right environment with plenty of moisture that can be produced by leaking pipes, humidity and condensation.

How can you know if it is mold? One of the major signs of mold is discoloration, an average homeowner can confused mold for smoke discoloration. Molds on plant and animal matter can appear in colors like black, white, red, orange, violet and blue. When molds are hidden they can be detected by their earthy and musty smell. If mold is allowed to accumulate around the house it can lead to different several types of health problems. Breathing in the spores produced by mold can lead to colds which can cause common colds and eczema. Molds can also lead to asthma, coughing or other ailments related to breathing difficulty.

One of the best ways to overcome your mold problems is by hiring a general contractor to help you carry out indoor air quality checks. In addition to that a general contractor can also help find the sources of moisture supply through the use of special tools. Professional contractors can help you know the extent at which the mold has affected your house and provide advice on a lasting solution. When selecting a general contractor make sure that you ask them for a proposal detailing the type of diagnosis they are going to perform. Remember to always ask the general contractor for their years of experience.