A  Contractor and a Homeowner can have a complicated relationship. When you are dealing with your home, sensitive and incredibly important issues arise. Remodeling or building a new home is a big financial and emotional investment. It can also be a big investment of your time. Knowing what to expect before the project gets started will help you better prepare for the process. Ask lots of questions – find out everything you need to know to make you as comfortable as possible. And while communication is key, there are some questions that just should NOT be asked. Here are just some of the incredible things I have been asked over the years, followed by my  ‘tongue in cheek’ answers.


1. Can’t you just do the job without a permit?

Sure, I will be glad to do this;  however, you will need to pay for my liability insurance for the next 10 years;  pay my workmen’s compensation for the next 15 years;  sign over the deed to your property so that I can sell your home to pay for my lawyer’s fee after I have been accused of doing work without the proper permits.


2. If you give me a good price I have lots of friends I can recommend you to!

Great! Please give me their names and contact information so I can secure a job with them before I give you a price for your job. That way I can give you a really, really good estimate because all your friends will be paying full price.


3. Can you just add in this work? I don’t have the money to pay you, but since you are already here, just do this few extra things for me. Okay?

Sure, I can do that. In return, can you make breakfast and lunch for me and my workers, every day? Since you are already here, just do this for us.  Okay?


4. I want to help with the remodel. I’m pretty handy with tools.

Okay, please provide me with your home insurance liability policy and your workmen’s compensation policy. I need to be able to cover myself and my company in the event you are hurt on the job. And please bring your own tools as my guys have their own and need to be able to use them at all times.


5. I’m going to give you 50% up front and the other 50%  at the end of the job. Okay?

Sorry, but State law prevents me from accepting more than $ 1,000 or 10% (whichever is less) as a down payment. And how do I know that you will give me the balance at the end?  Just asking!


6. You can only work in my home when I am home!

Please find yourself another Contractor.   Obviously you do not trust me or my employees, so how can you trust me to do a decent and quality job on your project?


7. I want you to show me every receipt for all materials purchased.

I shall be glad to do this. Please write me a check for $1,000 so that I can pay my office staff to provide you with such.


8. I want you to buy all the finish materials – the sinks, the tile, the faucets, the hardwood flooring, etc., etc.

How do you know what my tastes are? How do I know how much you want to spend? Instead, let me give you some great places to shop for the best pricing and quality materials.


9. I want to see 3 different properties you have worked on and I need to meet the homeowners.

Okay, let me get this straight – you want me to have 3 of my former clients open up their homes to you, a complete stranger, and to take time out of their busy lives to meet with you to answer your questions.   Sure!!!   LOL.


10. I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about Contractor’s.   While your pictures and your testimonials on your website are impressive, I really do not believe them.  How do I know that you are just not another Contractor from hell?

Please see the answer to question #6.


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