Hardwood Floors in Pasadena

Hardwood flooring is both charming and functional. If you are interested in investing in hardwood for your home or refinishing your existing floors, look no further than D C Keeton Home Improvements.

Our highly trained and experienced team of professionals has been specializing in the care and installation of hardwood flooring for many years. We will listen to your needs and complete your project with skill and attention to every detail.

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The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is extremely sought-after and famous in the world of home design, and for a good reason. Hardwood floors are a classic statement and fantastic addition to any property. They offer a diverse range of benefits that are hard to beat.


For starters, hardwood floors, unlike many other flooring options, are extremely easy to maintain. A quick sweep, vacuum, and the odd mop will keep your floors looking fantastic. Moreover, hardwood is also hypoallergenic, and will not harbor dust and bacteria like carpeted counterparts.


The popularity of hardwood is a testament to their durability. When well-maintained, they can last for hundreds of years, while sustaining their beautiful appearance.


Lastly, hardwood offers a warm and natural aesthetic, which is the perfect accompaniment to a range of design styles. Whether your space is more traditional, eclectic, or modern, hardwood will suit the space seamlessly.

Hardwood Flooring Installation from D C Keeton Home Improvements

We have been specializing in hardwood flooring installation since our inception. We will take the time to understand your goals and the budget you are working with. Our contractors are also more than happy to assist you in choosing the perfect product for your home.

We will always provide a detailed estimate of the total cost of the installation, including materials and labor before we get started.

On installation day, you can trust us for timely yet seamless work. We will also make ourselves available to answer any questions and address your concerns before, during, or after the project is completed.

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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

It is not uncommon for hardwood floors to experience wear and tear over time. If the hardwood in your property has seen better days, it may be time for some TLC. When D C Keeton Home Improvements experts are finished with your hardwood floors, they will look smooth, shiny, and as good as new.

Our Restoration Process

  • Clean the floors
  • Remove loose nails
  • Fix squeaks and loose boards
  • Sand the wood to smoothen
  • Add the desired stain
  • Add a finish to lock in quality

Call for Premier Hardwood Floor Installation and Restoration

D C Keeton Home Improvements is proud to have become one of the best hardwood floor companies in the Pasadena area.

If you are seeking high-quality hardwood floor refinishing and installation services, trust our expert team. We promise to provide services that are both reliable and affordable.

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