Fire Damage Restoration in Los Angeles

Fires are one of the most prevalent disasters, whether they’re caused by appliance failure, intentional arson, or a natural disaster such as a wildfire or lightning strike. Even after a fire is put out, there will be residual charring and smoke damage, and even water damage from hoses. Chemicals may have been forced out of walls, and appliances may be beyond repair.

Fire can destroy family memories, cause injury and even death. At D C Keeton Home Improvements we take the job of emergency restoration very seriously. Our promise to you is compassionate, thorough and skillful fire damage restoration for all Los Angeles families suffering from fire loss.

Assessing the Damage

The severity of damage in the case of a fire, is influenced by the quantity and distribution of the flames, ventilation of the building as well as size, surface area and thermal characteristics. Combustible materials are also a huge influence as they can spread the fire further than it could normally go in a certain amount of time.

Fire, smoke and soot damage are the most common aspects we as a fire damage restoration company will be dealing with. We will assess adjoining rooms on the property and devise a plan of action. Some elements of your home and belongings will be refurbished, while others will require replacement.

After the initial assessment, the home will be boarded up and the roof will be tarped if necessary to prevent further damage.

If water damage is present, which is likely after a fire is extinguished, it will be removed and prevented from spreading with dehumidifiers and air movers. Speeding up the drying process is imperative.

Then, the cleaning and sanitization will take place, followed by restoration.

Fire and smoke damage remediation is a painstaking process, which is why we recommend hiring professionals with positive reviews from other Los Angeles residents who have been through the same thing you are currently going through.

Estimating Costs

Even a small fire can have devastating results. If focused in one room, fire and smoke damage can cause intense structural damage that affects the rest of your home resulting in the need for trickle-down renovations.

In 2017, the average cost of repair and restoration after fire and smoke damage is $2,950, but depending on the size of the building affected and the extent of the damage, one can spend upwards of $50,000 or the minimal amount of $350 if you’re lucky.

Thankfully, homeowner’s insurance generally covers these costs.

Because of this, at D C Keeton Home Improvements we make a point in helping the families we work with assess and properly list any necessary expenses so they can be covered for all possible repairs and reconstruction.

There When You Need it the Most

We understand the stress and emotional trauma a fire can cause, and that is why D C Keeton Home Improvements makes a point of being there when you need it the most.

Disasters, whether natural or caused by delinquents, never rest and so we don’t either. When you hire D C Keeton Home Improvements, you are hiring a Los Angeles leader — a team of experts who only have your best interest at heart.