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Angie's List Reviews:

"Replaced 3 sets of French doors, 1 interior door, 2 casement windows, 1 glass block window, rebuilt and upgraded the shower and bathroom lighting, repaired plaster, painted master bedroom, bathroom, and hallway, enlarged gutters and other roof repairs to fix leaks.

The project has turned out very well. David responded promptly when I first contacted him and continued to follow through with timely updates throughout the project. While the work ended up taking longer than I had anticipated, a portion of this was the result of the inevitable project creep as more ideas occurred to me. David gave me knowledgeable feedback on what would or would not work well and factored in my concerns at each step. The crews were polite and performed high quality work. The repairs and enhancements I sought have been successfully completed."


"He proved to be the contractor we all dream about, honest, dependable, great work, fair prices, and punctual"


A complete and organized plan to redo my condo. From our first meeting, he impressed me with his attention to detail. He brought 5 guys to our first meeting, so they could all determine what they would need to do to accomplish my goals. And they were all early to the meeting. I am proud to say that I absolutely love the improvements and I have already recommended him to close friends. And perhaps most importantly, he is a wonderful human being and truly cares about making his clients happy.

So much to tell. We completely redid my condo. The Master Bathroom took great vision and execution to make the most of the space available. The result is stunning. He really takes time to develop ideas and has the ability to adjust, if necessary. He also welcomes feedback from the client and the people that work for him. The men who work for him are very polite, exceptional at their chosen trades and clearly have a terrific relationship with David. In the kitchen, he had a fantastic idea to shrink the island and it has made my kitchen easier to use and made my dining room feel much bigger. After lots of searching, we found a backsplash that has brought new life to my kitchen. In terms of finding the materials for the remodel, David has countless relationships around the LA area. He has cultivated strong relationships with businesses and its obvious that they enjoy working with him. The painters are simply the best I have worked with, we repainted every inch of the walls and its perfect. He also advised on getting new doors, something I had not considered and it was a great call. They bring a certain style and pop to my place. We redid the outside decks and had them resurfaced with a much better floor surface and got rid of the ugly cement stains on the decks. He also respects financial boundries. He has on many occasions suggested less expensive alternatives that have suited my needs without sacrificing quality. And, David is so reliable, he never is late, he is always available and he is definetely a pleaser. I can see the joy in his face when things are done correctly. David is the consumate professsional. And a really solid person. His creativity, passion and easy going nature, make him an ideal candidate for anyone considering home improvements. Choosing David was the best decision I made in redoing my place and I now consider him a friend, an unexpected and pleasant surprise."


"David is the most competent and polite contractor I have ever worked with!"


"Den Remodel; Bathroom Remodel; Exterior painting. David is a general contractor. In all the things you want a general contractor for, Dave was excellent. He was responsive, he aimed to please, and he did not gouge when my wife and I made changes and added new tasks mid-stream to the projects. At another level, a general contractor is only as good as his or her subcontractors. David's subcontractors were very good. David has a stain guy working for him who is outstanding. The most significant part of our den remodel was stripping and re-staining our wood-paneled den walls. This was a laborious and time-consuming process. Most of the G.C.'s/stain guys we spoke to and got bids from did not even offer to do the level of sanding by hand that was necessary to strip off the old dark stain, especially in the crevices of the bead board on our den walls. David's stain guy, Marcos, not only did it -- but he did it exceptionally well. The end result is well beyond our expectations. Going from dark stain to light stain is a long, hard process, and most of the contractors simply tried to talk us out of it telling us we might not like the results. We're glad we did it and we are glad we chose David and Marcos for the work. David also has painters, electricians, and hard wood floor guys who did excellent, first-rate work. And all of them were easy to have around the house. Very easy to work with. Since I work from home, I actually was around to check on how things were going periodically. All of the workers were responsive to my questions and concerns. David was not our cheapest bid. But you should expect pay a bit more for a well-respected G.C. with excellent Angie's List Reviews."


"From start to finish David and his team were great to work with"


"Full rennovation of 2 Bed rental unit in Silverlake. We added a 3/4 bath, a new kitchen (which we knocked down two walls and lofted the ceiling for) and upgraded all utilities.

You'll love David! He's very enthusiastic, responsive and courteous, even when problems arise (and they will arise with anybody you hire). David has a very youthful energy. His design sensibility has really helped our project fit the feel of the neighborhood. His team are great, especially his framers (Sergio, Oscar, Carlos Coronado) and his Electrician, Al. They are all very professional, produce good quality work, and are a pleasure to do business with. If you're thinking about hiring David and his team, give him a call. NOW. He's very pleasant to talk to and if you like him, you will like his service. David has connections to the best sub-contractors, the best materials suppliers, and his demeanor should be enough to save you hundreds of dollars in therapy as they destroy and then rebuild your home. He came to the rescue on our project after we got burned by another contractor. If only we'd gone with David in the first place. Learn from our mistake!"


"The price was very good, and doubt we could have obtained the quality and responsiveness at a lower price"


"The project was too small for this provider. I e-mailed Mr. Keeton with a small project in mind and he responded by e-mail within 1/2 hour suggesting that my small project might be better handled by a handyman and he made an Angies List handyman recommendation. I was impressed with Mr. Keeton's courtesy and his suggestion. Thank you Mr. Keeton"


"Kept us informed the whole time and his workers were all respectful and clean"


"Arranged for exterior house painting, roof repairs, repair of termite and weather damage to fascia and restoration of previously painted brick. David stayed in close communication with us from start to finish. During the initial evaluation he gave advice about the extent of the work needed. We had small roof leaks that he thought could be handled without complete roof replacement and had a roofer with whom he worked come in to do minor repairs. He arranged for painters to paint the exterior. The painters presence was most obvious because they were there daily and completed the work in a timely fashion. They were careful and both we and the neighbors were very pleased (the house hadn't been painted in more than 15 years so the neighbors were probably happier than we were and we were very happy). The roofer's work was done without us ever being aware of his coming and going, but we know he did the work because leaks that had resisted previous efforts to fix them don't leak anymore. The restoration of the brick work was quite tedious for the painters but was done beautifully and we are very happy with the appearance after removal of many layers of paint that had been applied over the years. We look forward to working with David in the future."


"We are very pleased with the quality of the work and would not hesitate to collaborate with David again"


"I had a long list of tasks that needed to be completed in my home. The tasks were small as well as large and varied from electrical, plumping, retiling, and roofing. DC Keeton Home Improvement did them all: fixing and adding electrical outlets, roofing the house, replacing and painting the fascia board, Sistering joists, adding and painting the gutters, fixing and replacing wood on the patio, removing and replacing the patio corrugated roof, remodeling and retiling the bathroom shower, retiling the bathroom floor, installing a laminate kitchen floor, new LCD lighting in the kitchen and the most important job, removing popcorn from the ceilings dining and living room and two bedrooms as well as painting the rooms.

I was very happy with all the work that was done on my house especially the removal of the popcorn. Mr. Keeton is professional, respects the customer's time, as well as the home. His staff of workers are very skillful and are so careful about taking care of your home. They made sure to cover all floors, so as not to scratch the wood floors or tracking in dirt. The price for all the work is good value. Mr. Keeton made recommendations that enhanced the look and provide a better product. His aim is to make sure you are satisfied with the work. He is informative and willing to give you ideas, but doesn't give you a hard sell. If I ever have work to do on the house again, I will contact Mr. Keeton immediately."


"We really appreciated the thoughtfulness and time he put into understanding the job even before he wrote an estimate"


"We have used David Keeton as our contractor on two separate occasions. The first was a few years ago for a major re-do of our entire yard, which included rebuilding two retaining walls, some brickwork, and installation of wooden fencing, a pebble-and-tile garden, and a new concrete and brick patio and driveway. The second and most recent job, completed in March of this year, involved completely rebuilding an exterior wooden staircase and repairing some major termite and water damage on a wooden carport/balcony (new supports, railings and decking surface).

David Keeton is an honest and highly experienced contractor, and he and every member of his crew are true professionals. We are 100% satisfied with the quality of the work done on both occasions that we used their services. David's entire crew is polite and respectful, and they picked up everything and left our property clean and tidy every night when they went home, without our even having to ask. They consistently showed up when they said they would, did the work they said they were going to do, and for the original quoted price. Sergio and the rest of the crew are skilled workers, and they were adept at making adjustments as needed as work progressed on our property. They made sure we were completely satisfied with everything and made every effort to keep us updated on their progress and to involve us in every decision. Not once did anyone on the crew ever complain about the work we were requesting, or try to argue with us or talk us into something we didn't want, or try to cut corners with regard to cost or the quality of work. It was obvious that they wanted to do the best job possible, and we were always met with a friendly smile at every interaction, by every crew member. When the mulitple-week job was completed, even the smallest of details were taken care of, the carpentry and paint work was perfect, and there was absolutely no mess whatsoever left behind. We are very pleased on all levels with the overall experience, and we highly recommend D C Keeton Home Improvements. They're the absolute best!"


"David is a man of his word and stands behind the quality of services he provides"


"Repaired water damage to kitchen ceiling, plumbing leak and painted entire kitchen. David and his crew did a wonderful job. He was very reasonable in price and easy to work with. I will definitely call him for all my remodeling needs."


"He has a great crew of people." "He built exactly what we wanted and it looks great"


"Exterior renovation and restoration work on our 60 year-old house in Silver Lake. Our house is mostly stucco, with varnished redwood and cedar trim. Also a 450 sf cantilevered, covered deck with hard surface, metal railings and metal posts. The work included: Gutters & Downspouts- replacement completely around the house and separate garage Eaves - remove, refinish, and replace cedar boards enclosing the underside of the eaves; strip old varnish and apply new varnish; replace ventilation screen material running the entire perimeter of the house Painting - Stucco: patch, prep and paint walls; Wood: strip and sand old paint and varnish, repair damaged areas, apply stain and varnish (including large redwood door of 2-car garage); for the deck, prepare and repaint metal posts and railings, and apply several coats of deck paint to floor; on front door reapply faux oxidized copper finish to match existing. Deck - Demolish entire deteriorated magnasite floor; replace structural wood underneath; install new floor surface; replace 4 rusted posts supporting the roof, which entailed re-attaching railings to posts by welding. Scaffolding - Rental and installation of scaffolding around 3 sides of house (property is on a downslope, so rear of house is 2-1/2 stories high). Electrical work - Troubleshoot numerous relay and power wires and running between the house and garage; troubleshoot and fix various electrical outlets; replace exterior light fixtures The entire process and results exceeded our expectations. All of the subcontractors worked efficiently and quietly, arrived on time, and there was very little need for anything to be re-done. We obtained proposals from 3 contractors, and all 3 were very close in price. However, one proposal had a lot of exclusions (e.g., removing and replacing patio furniture), and the other's work was generally in other parts of town so we felt he would not be close by for frequent supervision. We checked with some of the references David Keeton provided, and all were positive. It happens that we recognized one of the references whom we knew through work, and they said they had used David Keeton several times, and we thought that was a good sign. When we selected David, he went over the project schedule in detail, and going forward he checked on the work regularly, and he communicated well with us, keeping us apprised of what was going to happen next and explaining in detail the reasons for any delays or the need for any changes, offering cost-effective options. He was very concerned about quality and customer satisfaction. For example, after the garage door was re-varnished, we thought it looked OK but David thought it could be better, and told the painters to re-sand and apply another coat of varnish (at no extra cost).

If there were any changes that were not in the original scope of work, David explained the reasons and provided solutions at a fair cost. For example, we felt that the style of the proposed off-the-shelf gutters didn't go with the mid-century design of the house, but custom gutters cost more. David recommended that we install custom gutters in the front of the house and garage, but in the rear where they can only be seen at a distance to use the standard gutters. This was a good and cost effective solution. When finishing the floor of the deck, we wanted a smooth finish, but the deck subcontractor explained that it would require an additional finish layer which was not included in the original proposal. Due to David's ongoing working relationship with this vendor, he obtained the finish we wanted at no added cost. Also, due to weather and hidden conditions of the house, we needed to rent the scaffolding longer than expected, but there was not an added charge. We were also very happy with the outcome of the electrical work. The lights in our house have a very complicated and outdated 1950's electrical relay switching system, and it was very hard to figure out which wires went where. Several of the exterior lights and outlets were dead, and we wanted them restored. The electrician and his assistant worked very persistently and would not stop until everything worked correctly. They also upgraded some outlets that were not up to current safety standards. After we thought the electrical work was done, we discovered that some of the interior outlets were not working. David and the electrician could very easily have said, "Not my problem," but they came back to find the problems and fix them and had a good attitude about it. There was some added cost for this extra electrical work but far less than we had experienced with electricians in the past. In fact, they fixed some incorrect electrical wiring work that was done previously and showed us specifically what the problems ."


"Patient and helpful in providing recommendations on how to proceed with the work I wanted completed"


"Easy going, straightforward, and the photos displaying his work were top notch"


"Best person that you will ever deal with, he is very honest on everything that he does"


Yelp Reviews:

"High quality professional work from one of the most approachable and trustworthy people"Nikki C.

"I called David to bid on putting in new kitchen counter top, cabinets, stove, ,and faucets. He came in with a bid which I found reasonable. He started on date he said he would; and his workers showed up on time through out the process AND they cleaned up afterwards. I have heard so many stories about contractors not showing up, leaving a mess, taking your money and never showing, that I kept my fingers crossed that would not happen to me. Fortunately none of that happened to me. David kept the workers on a schedule so that as soon as the carpenter was finished, the counter tops were installed and then the plumbing. I wasn't waiting for weeks in between jobs. David came in on time and budget. David did such a good job that I hired him to redo my two bathrooms. Again, he worked around a timetable so that I was not without a bathroom. I would recommend David Keeton to anyone looking for a contractor that is honest, on time and reliable."

Patricia N.

"The contractor we all dream about"

Alan K.

"David Keeton is a true professional as well as a straight-shooter. At our first meeting with him, we instantly sensed his integrity and knew we were in good hands. David understood that we needed to stay on budget with our 3-bath remodel and French door install. He helped us keep costs down by coaching us to do research and also guiding us to very reasonable vendors. He kept to his timelines, always communicated and when there was a delay by a manufacturer (not his fault) he was very flexible to accommodate our schedule. He always took our calls or called us back very soon. We found his subcontractors to be reliable, trustworthy and thorough in their work. We were extremely pleased with how our 3 baths and new door turned out, and would highly recommend DC Keeton Home Improvement to all our friends and associates."

Mary G.

"Best person that you will ever deal with, he is very honest on everything that he does"


"David gave us a detailed quote and stuck to it"

Frank W.

"We hired David of DC Keeton Home Improvements to be the general contractor for a major bathroom remodel as well as a range of other projects including replacing windows and sliding doors, gutter installation, building a closet, indoor and outdoor painting, electrical work, refacing and repairing cabinets. We found David to be honest and straightforward, fair in his pricing, and remarkably even tempered--a rarity in an industry where so much can go wrong. He worked closely with us on the bathroom design, recommended good vendors for us to select fixtures and materials, and had an exceptionally able and pleasant team of subcontractors, especially for carpentry, tile work, painting, electrical and plumbing. All showed up on time, kept the workplace tidy, and completed their work professionally. David's pricing was fair, he stuck to the estimates and always presented options for saving money if we wanted to do so. The whole project was on time and on budget, and David worked around our complicated schedule to assure minimal disruption to our home and family. Any issues we raised were quickly resolved, and we never had disputes about money or project expectations We are very satisfied with the look and quality of the remodel and the other projects he supervised. I should add that David has quickly resolved any needed follow-up issues. I would strongly recommend contacting David for a remodel project to compare his approach, costs, and team."

Bob M.

"We always recommend him to any family and friends"

John W.

"David Keeton is a great general contractor. We have done many projects with him starting in 1998. He has done various projects and each experience has been as good or better than we had expected. We really appreciate him communicating the when ,how and why while the job is on going, this eliminate any surprises and keeps us in the loop..Projects include painting of the exterior and re-roofing our home. He also built a deck, privacy fence,mailbox and a retaining wall. Inside he laid over a 1000 square of marble flooring along with brass keystones and an imported custom made marble medallion. When we were selling our rental property he handled the rebuilding of the sub-flooring , repair and replacing tile in the bathroom all on very short notice. We always recommend him to any friends or family who need projects done."

Curtis S.

"100% professional, 100% on time, 100% honest, 100% dependable"


"D C Keeton Home Improvements is honesly the first company of its type that has been 100% professional, 100% on time, 100% honest, 100% dependable and most importantly to me 100% satifying. The first project was David handled for me was due to a water leak -- the place was a wreck (drywall ruined, flooring ruined, paint ruined, etc).

David and his company took care of the project and actually completed it one day prior to what was expected (NICE!) which was an excellent surprise after an extended stay in a hotel. Much to my dismay a second leak occurred the night we returned home (no fault of DC Keeton Home Improvements). This time it was from another unit three floors above me in my building. I cursed (of course) and then called David out for round two

David again took immediate care of the second issue in the same fashion. Everything looks great -- it actually looks newer than before. If you are looking for a contractor you can trust to do what you've hired him on for then look no further you've found the right company with D. C. Keeton Home Improvements. Thank you David and Crew for a wonderful job -- you've made my home my home again (oh yeah it's twice so and AGAIN)."

M C.

"Attentive, on budget, on schedule, contactable"

John B.

"Honest and straightforward; stuck to the estimates and always presented options for saving money"

Robert Meadow

"We have used David repeatedly for major home renovations"

Jim B.